Growth = Change

Ciana studio is born

We started in the lighting design field by creating fixtures for holy structures. Over time, we began offering custom pieces for high-end homes and never could have expected what would happen next.

Greater access to the designers you love

Since 2017, our driving force has been to create the highest quality lighting sculptures that convey an emotional response. After years of completing custom fixtures on a large-scale level, more interior designers began asking for CIANA quality pieces to light their residential projects. As fixtures were completed, reproduction requests for preciously produced pieces began coming in at an alarming rate, and we saw an exciting opportunity to do more of what we loved.

As we look back, we can see how every path in our progression was paved by the relationships we’ve built, and we are passionate about forging our future in the same way. Our connections with artisans, designers, and consumers have created the foundation of who we are, and it’s what CIANA Studio represents.

We look forward to giving you greater access to the designers you love, the unique styling you crave with an heirloom quality product, from the designers we are fortunate to call friends.

Stay tuned as we continue to announce the partnerships that will add light to your spaces and your life.


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